flowcraft.templates.metaspades module


This module is intended execute metaSpades on paired-end FastQ files.

Expected input

The following variables are expected whether using NextFlow or the main() executor.

  • sample_id : Sample Identification string.
    • e.g.: 'SampleA'
  • fastq_pair : Pair of FastQ file paths.
    • e.g.: 'SampleA_1.fastq.gz SampleA_2.fastq.gz'
  • kmers : Setting for Spades kmers. Can be either 'auto', 'default' or a user provided list.
    • e.g.: 'auto' or 'default' or '55 77 99 113 127'

Generated output

  • contigs.fasta : Main output of spades with the assembly
    • e.g.: contigs.fasta
  • spades_status : Stores the status of the spades run. If it was successfully executed, it stores 'pass'. Otherwise, it stores the STDERR message.
    • e.g.: 'pass'

Code documentation


Cleans the temporary fastq files. If they are symlinks, the link source is removed

fastq : list

List of fastq files.

flowcraft.templates.metaspades.set_kmers(kmer_opt, max_read_len)[source]

Returns a kmer list based on the provided kmer option and max read len.

kmer_opt : str

The k-mer option. Can be either 'auto', 'default' or a sequence of space separated integers, '23, 45, 67'.

max_read_len : int

The maximum read length of the current sample.

kmers : list

List of k-mer values that will be provided to Spades.