This component downloads reads from the SRA/ENA public databases from a list of accessions. First, it tries to use aspera connect to download reads, if a valid aspera key is provided. Otherwise it uses curl, which is substantially slower. The reads for each accession are then emitted through the main output of this component to any other component (or components) that receive FastQ data.

Input/Output type

  • Input type: accessions
  • Output type: fastq


The default input parameter for Accessions data is --accessions.


  • asperaKey: Downloads fastq accessions using Aspera Connect by providing the private-key file ‘asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh’ normally found in ~/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh after the installation.

Published results

  • reads/<accession>: Stores the reads for each provided accession.

Published reports


Default directives

  • cpus: 1
  • memory: 1GB
  • container: flowcraft/getseqena
  • version: 0.4.0-2