This component performs mash sketch for fastq input files. These sketches can be used by mash_dist and mash_screen components to fetch the reference file for mash.


  • MASH documentation can be found here.

Input/Output type

  • Input type: fastq
  • Output type: msh


  • kmerSize: Parameter to set the kmer size for hashing. Default: 21. Default: false.
  • sketchSize: Parameter to set the number of hashes per sketch. Default: 1000.
  • minKmer: Minimum copies of each k-mer required to pass noise filter for reads. Default: 1.
  • genomeSize: Genome size (raw bases or with K/M/G/T). If specified, will be used for p-value calculation instead of an estimated size from k-mer content. Default: false, meaning that it won’t be used. If you want to use it pass a number to this parameter.

Published results


Published reports


Default directives

  • mashSketchFastq:
    • container: flowcraft/mash-patlas
    • version: 1.6.0-1